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Did the graphic card die on me?

Hi, I was ridding my girlfriends laptop of horrible monsters and installed arch some days ago. Getting everything to work the next days wasnt too hard, except for scim which seems has some problems with kdm. :evil:

So I tried to install gdm added the daemon (with a @ in front of it if that has anything to do with it), rebooted and I could only get a black screen as it logged into gdm. I couldnt switch to another console or return by ctrl alt backspace only reboot.

I took away the @ and tried again, same problem. Took away gdm, same. Tried fluxbox, same. Decided then to reinstall as I was "experimenting" with some kernel stuff that I was quite sure was fixed, but not entirely certain.

Same problem occurs. I find that I can start x with colordepth 8 or lower.Does this mean something in the graphic card died? Its an acer travelmate 230.

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Re: Did the graphic card die on me?


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