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Gemini NC 14


Does anyone have any advice on getting some A on this thing? Apparently the bios has no boot from usb option, would installing on a drive using another machine, then inserting that drive be a possible way? It would make a nifty Linux box.



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Re: Gemini NC 14

No idea what the 'thing' is.  Does the system have the ability to boot from network using PXE?

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Re: Gemini NC 14

I would highly recommend using the PXE boot option. If you do have to move the installation media to the target drive, I would advise placing the ISO in a back-end oriented partition on the drive. This will get you the least-restricted way to Arch on the Gemini.

For instance, if I was going to do this, I would set a 1Gb partition at the end of the drive and dd the arch iso to that partition, leaving the first however many gb on the drive as free space.

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