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[SOLVED] Upstream update notifications, for AUR maintainers

Are there pre-existing solutions for AUR maintainers & unshared (not worthy of AUR upload) PKGBUILD writers, to be automatically notified when upstream issues new releases?  Or for "-git" packages, new commits?

For new releases, it would need to handle when upstream has a git repo, looking for new github releases or if not github then git repo tags, and also upstream tarball'ish releases that don't even have a git repo.

For "-git" packages, there would need to be some way to not be overly annoying for repos with frequent commits.  I don't want to be notified every 25 minutes there's a new commit in the gcc repo.

For "-git" packages, perhaps even functionality to automatically periodically make the package when there's new commits, on some not overly annoying basis, to see if there's failures.  Perhaps adding to a local pacman repo for upgrading, but not automatically installing.

I guess such a tool wouldn't be limited for AUR maintainers.  It should work for trusted users for official packages.

EDIT: Thanks Slithery, I'll take a look at that.  I'll also look into nvcheck and urlwatch were mentioned in a recent Arch Linux AMA on reddit.

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Re: [SOLVED] Upstream update notifications, for AUR maintainers

Just write a simple service file & script that notifies you via email of any updates to your specified packages?

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