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4 Port HDMI/USB KVM Switch - Display Detected/No Output

Hello All

After pouring over the wiki and documentation last night ive been unable to get my kvm to output from my laptop to my 1080p monitor:

Relevant Specs:

- KVM 4 port hdmi/usb switch 1080p max resolution output
- Nvidia Quadro M2000M latest arch official driver
- Laptop native screen in 4K 3840x2160 Resolution
- External Screen 1920x1080 Resolution
- DE is XFCE

Xrandr Displays

- Native screen is DP-4
- External DP-1

- Set desktop environment to extend to DP-1
- Set nvidia drivers to extend to DP-1
- Attempted to force native screen to 1920x1080 using xrandr

External screen is detected by the DE the nvidia drivers and xrandr, but the screen remains in sleep mode, cables used and hardware are brand new and working prior to using the kvm.

I wasn't 100% sure of what output or logs to post with it to provide more information, i can grab the xrandr logs when i get home tonight.

Any help is appreciated if it keeps me from going back to windows or any other distro.

Kind Regards

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