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#1 2018-11-16 17:41:59

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warning: zeitgeist: local (1.0+1+g1bcc8585-2) is newer than extra (1.0


I got the following while running pacman:

#sudo LANG=C pacman -Syu

:: Synchronizing package databases...
 core is up to date
 extra is up to date
 community is up to date
:: Starting full system upgrade...
warning: zeitgeist: local (1.0+1+g1bcc8585-2) is newer than extra (1.0.1-1)
 there is nothing to do

#grep 'upgraded zeitgeist' /var/log/pacman.log

[2017-01-12 00:36] [ALPM] upgraded zeitgeist (0.9.16-1 -> 0.9.16-2)
[2017-02-21 01:32] [ALPM] upgraded zeitgeist (0.9.16-2 -> 1.0-1)
[2017-03-02 16:04] [ALPM] upgraded zeitgeist (1.0-1 -> 1.0+1+g1bcc8585-1)
[2018-11-14 01:30] [ALPM] upgraded zeitgeist (1.0+1+g1bcc8585-1 -> 1.0+1+g1bcc8585-2)

I guess this is only a number mixup and a version bump of the package will fix it?
And I guess it is save to "downgrade" to the newer package manually?


#2 2018-11-16 17:54:14

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Re: warning: zeitgeist: local (1.0+1+g1bcc8585-2) is newer than extra (1.0

Looks like a bug in pacman. 1.0+1+g1bcc8585-2 should be considered lower than 1.0.1-1


#3 2018-11-16 17:55:42

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Re: warning: zeitgeist: local (1.0+1+g1bcc8585-2) is newer than extra (1.0

This is a packaging bug. Please report it on the bug tracker, epoch should be incremented as 1.0+1+g1bcc8585-2 > 1.0.1-1 (according to vercmp anyway).

EDIT: The packager beat me to it to point the blame elsewhere. tongue

Maybe wait for a third opinion before filing any bugs, however, I'd be inclined to trust arojas' opinion over my own in this matter.

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#4 2018-11-16 19:51:10

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Re: warning: zeitgeist: local (1.0+1+g1bcc8585-2) is newer than extra (1.0

This is a packaging bug, don't use pluses in version numbers.

They're not meant to be weighted such as to separate version numbers from revision counts (because pacman has no concept of a revision count, it's just an additional component to the version number), and the AUR has long had standards for defining a git revision as "1.0.r1.g1bcc8585-2" (where the .r1 indicates that the "r1" should be weighted as less than a "1"). I'm not sure why official repo packages decided to use pluses instead, and in my highly personal opinion, well, I disagree with it smile but either way it doesn't mean you get to skip adding the "r".

$ vercmp 1.0+1+g1bcc8585-2 1.0.1.g1bcc8585-2

EDIT: Also, a bugreport:

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#5 2018-11-19 10:12:05

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Re: warning: zeitgeist: local (1.0+1+g1bcc8585-2) is newer than extra (1.0

I already wondered how that could be happen, that kind of message only appears if I switch from a more up-to-date mirror to an less frequently updated.


#6 2018-12-14 00:33:51

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Re: warning: zeitgeist: local (1.0+1+g1bcc8585-2) is newer than extra (1.0

I just removed from  it(zeitgeist) from system cause warning was annoying  me.
I checked the pacman log and it was installed when I installed Gnome and gdm
when I set up  arch installation on day one.

I since switched to  XFCE and console login, so  I assume its unneeded it had no dependencies anyway.


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