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dell xps battery management - is it working on your machines ?

HI it's my first post and I see I'm registered for almost 6 years wink

I have an dell xps9360 and some dell laptops (including this one) have a pretty decent battery management.
Dell provides software for RH and ubunto to manage it.
I unpacked it to a folder and then I am running it, bot I'm getting an error :

cd opt/dell/dcc
sudo LD_LIBRARY_PATH=../srvadmin/lib64:. ./cctk
[sudo] password for kuku: 
Error communicating with BIOS - Unable to Get DMI Information!
Status = 0
bool SMBIOSPresent = 0
TableLength = 0

Unable to get BIOS tables or Unknown type encountered!!.

But got an error.
Can someone test it if it works ?


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