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Random hard-freezes before, during and after install on dell inspiron

Hello, I've been trying to install arch on my laptop, without luck I'm afraid.

Whenever I boot into the boot USB, everything looks fine. Until a random freeze happens. It totally locks my computer and caps lock is blinking. I have to hard reset.
The freezes sometimes happen during the install, which breaks it and I have to install again. It's also possible for them to happen before I've even done anything.

If I'm lucky I don't get a freeze until after the install, so I can hard restart and boot back into the usb so I can resume the installation.
One time I was able to get trough the whole installation, until it froze during the installation of X which corrupted it and pacman wasn't able to fix, delete, update or force install it. I also wasn't able to fix it manually either, so as a last resort I reinstalled everything with pacman, but I got a freeze during that which corrupted something and now I'm not able to even boot into arch, it just gives a kernel panic.

I've tried installing arch again and again for the last month. I've asked people who are in their last year of computer science and have had arch on multiple computers during their school career. Even they can't figure it out.

I don't know what to do, I've spend evenings googling for answers, but nothing I've tried works.

I've resorted to windows with an ubuntu subsystem for now, but I hope someone here can possibly help me.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Random hard-freezes before, during and after install on dell inspiron

Exact model name? Blinking caps lock means the kernel panicked. Make sure you have the latest UEFI/BIOS firmware installed. FWIW can you get as a dmesg before the panic happens?

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