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mkinitcpio for livecd boot

Hi, I am trying to make a livedvd backup of my install from scratch (not remastering the Arch iso).

I am at a point where I can make a squashfs file with my system. Then, I create the /boot/grub folder, and inside chroot I run mkinitcpio. I deleted /etc/mtab from my squashed file, as grub should not need it.

I can see that mkinitcpio gives an error (findmnt could not find root), but proceeds. However, when I boot the iso, I am either dropped in rootfs, or it says that it cannot find device '' and cannot locate root. I make the iso with grub-mkrescue.

From what I understand, grub can correctly load initramfs, but it won't mount the squashed system. Maybe this is because there is no device specified in /etc/mtab.

I read that I may have to write an init hook for mkinitcpio, which mounts the squashed file. But I can find no documentation on regard. Or maybe I am just not using the correct calls in grub.cfg.

So, to summarize, I have:
-the system initrd images created from grub-mkrescue, which start the system
-my grub.cfg that is called correctly and starts mounting my initramfs created with mkinitcpio
-I am dropped in rootfs, or it says that it cannot find the mount point to mount the squashed file

Can somebody point me to what I should do? I am quite confused now. I read that other distros have their own scripts for live booting, which are supposed to go in the initramfs. Thanks


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