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differences in Arch and stock kernel config

I know I can download an Arch Linux kernel package and get the Arch version of the kernel configuration and I can get the generic config by building it from the download. And I can diff the two configs and see pages of differences. But for my own curiosity and education, is there anywhere I can look to see a list of what gets changed from stock to Arch and even better, the reasons behind said changes?


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Re: differences in Arch and stock kernel config

Look at the PKGBUILD and the other source files.
The reasons are likely to have been discussed on the mail lists.  you may have to dig through the archives.

The short answer is, not much is different.

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Re: differences in Arch and stock kernel config

Implying there is some blessed "stock" config?

It's highly expected that people building the kernel aren't supposed to build the stock config, but instead customize it to their needs. The defconfig is meant to be "at least this probably boots", and "Linus picked this out of a hat". It's a starting point, not the end journey.

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Re: differences in Arch and stock kernel config

The list used to compile the kernel is inside the kernel itself

$ zcat /proc/config.gz

. Mainlined kernel configuration should be found on def_config, as eschwartz said.

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