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PulseAudio sink priority


I'm trying to figure out how to get PulseAudio to correctly prioritize my sinks. I have a laptop with its own speakers plugged into a dock with a headphones jack, and a usb microphone plugged into the dock. I also have bluetooth headphones that aren't on all the time.

I configure it to use the dock's headphones jack by default with set-default-sink, which works well. However, when I connect my bluetooth headphones and switch to that in pavucontrol, then I power off my headphones, it falls back to the usb microphone sink instead of the dock headphones jack. Ideally I'd want the priority to be:

1. bluetooth headphones
2. dock headphones
3. laptop speakers
4. usb microphone

Is that possible with PulseAudio?


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Re: PulseAudio sink priority

I haven't done something like this personally, but have a look at module-device-manager. You should be able to set sink priorities with that.


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