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ssb-patchwork 3.11.4-1 from AUR won't start

I have installed the ssb-patchwork package from the AUR.  It installs successfully but when I attempt to launch the application I get the following:

user@localhost:$ ssb-patchwork
error loading sodium bindings: No native build was found for runtime=electron abi=64 platform=linux arch=x64
falling back to javascript version.
(electron) 'app.makeSingleInstance(cb)' is deprecated. Use 'app.requestSingleInstanceLock() and app.on('second-instance', cb)' instead.
{ party: true,
  host: '',
  port: 8008,
  timeout: 0,
  pub: true,
  local: true,
  friends: { dunbar: 150, hops: 2 },
  ws: { port: 8989 },
  gossip: { connections: 3 },
  connections: { incoming: { net: [Array] }, outgoing: { net: [Array] } },
  path: '/home/jphoenix/.ssb',
   { connection: 0, reconnect: 5000, ping: 300000, handshake: 5000 },
   { shs: '1KHLiKZvAvjbY1ziZEHMXawbCEIM6qwjCDm3VYRan/s=',
     sign: null },
  master: [],
  logging: { level: 'notice' },
  blobsPort: 8989,
  server: true,
  _: [] }

The program then exits immediately.  The electron window doesn't launch.

I did have this working some while ago but it hasn't worked for some time, and I'm not really sure how to troubleshoot further.  I don't have much experience with electron or NPM and googling the error message at the top wasn't particularly fruitful.  I'd appreciate any insight anyone can provide.


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