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qjackctl version 0.5.5 issues

For those that are using qjackctl, are you seeing any odd behavior since upgrading to version 0.5.5?

I am using XFCE, everything is up to date. I have qjackctl added to Settings/Session and startup/Application autostart.

Up until the recent qjackctl update to version 0.5.5 everything worked correctly. After the update to Version: 0.5.5, qjackctl no longer autostarts with a reboot and login. After I login, I go to launch qjackctl and it does start, but it also starts jack as well, which is odd because I don't have Start JACK audio server on application start selected.

Once qjackctl is started I go to Setup/Misc and the following options are greyed out:

Enable System tray icon
Show system tray message on close
Start minimized to system tray

I close qjackctl (not quit, but hit the close X) and the app vanishes. I then restart it and everything appears normal, with the exception of Settings/Advanced where I noticed the entire Server Prefix area is greyed out.

I quit qjackctl and deleted the config file, restarted set things back up but same thing on my next reboot it does not launch. I quit qjackctl and uninstalled it, reinstalled and same thing.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I downgraded to version 0.5.4 and everything goes back to normal.

I posted a question here:

Has anyone else noticed this?



It appears this is not the issue at all. All seems to be working except autolaunching the application from the XFCE Settings/Session and Startup/Application Autostart. After creating an autostart entry, I reboot and login, qjackctl does not display an icon in the XFCE notification area, however HTOP shows that it's running. I deleted the autostart entry and created a new on, though that doesn't seem to fix the issue.

does anyone know if it's a xfce autostart issue or an app issue?

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