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Terrible jack audio quality CA0132

I've searched multiple forums and still no luck, so you guys are my last hope.

Hello, i have a Alienware m17x r4 from 2012. with a sound blaster recon3di using the codec CA0132.
On windows the sound card works normally.
After install arch i have sound working, the only modification made is on alsamixer to enable the headphone jack detection.
the laptop have 2 output ports, but only one works.

But the audio quality is very bad, the sound have too much treble and little of mid and bass. it's impossible to listening anything on.
Is like the audio from the headphone jack sound's like sound of a old radio. and i have great headphones.

the First thing that i try is use pulseffects and others equalizers, some times the result is a little better, but is not stable.don't sound any good as windows or my phone.

After try many.. many things, only a few times, the audio sound ok with the headphones, but after reboot some times, the problem return.

Is strange because i dint notice this behavior using the laptop speakers, this only happens with headphones.

The last possible solution that i try is on this forum. … ws/8203/17
I try change the sample-rate, but still no stable solution

(sorry about the english)


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