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Video/Audio playback stops in most applications


so I updated recently, and now I can't properly play videos. Starting a video makes it play normally for a minute or so, and then it suddenly stops..
At least that what happens in Firefox sometimes. In Chrome (and some other times in Firefox), just the video stops, the audio continues, then the video turns black and the whole video resets to where it stopped, and continues as if nothing has happened.
In VLC just the audio stops.

Also this does not happen with every video. I noticed it for Youtube and Netflix, as well as the Spotify Web Player.

I also noticed that if there are multiple videos running, these "hiccups" happen all at the same time when there are multiple videos playing, even across multiple applications.
I guess there's something going on with Hardware Acceleration, I'm using the i7-8750H.

Chrome (latest stable) also shows this in the console output when a hiccup occurs:

[20:25:0103/] MediaEvent: MEDIA_ERROR_LOG_ENTRY {"error":"audio render error"}

So I guess this is actually related to pulseaudio, which failes to finish starting although actually working fine, and then being restarted by systemd (user mode) ever 1:30 minutes.
This is the journalctl (--user -x -u pulseaudio) output:

Jan 03 18:30:16 MyArchLaptop systemd[4441]: Starting Sound Service...
Jan 03 18:30:16 MyArchLaptop pulseaudio[17133]: E: [pulseaudio] backend-ofono.c: Failed to register as a handsfree audio agent with ofono: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The na>
Jan 03 18:31:46 MyArchLaptop systemd[4441]: pulseaudio.service: Start operation timed out. Terminating.
Jan 03 18:31:46 MyArchLaptop systemd[4441]: pulseaudio.service: Failed with result 'timeout'.

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