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Install on USB ("block" in mkinitcpio)

I'm installing Arch on a USB-stick.

On this page … ion_tweaks it says:

Before creating the initial RAM disk # mkinitcpio -p linux, in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf add the block hook to the hooks array right after udev. This is necessary for appropriate module loading in early userspace.

However, in my mkinitcpio.conf there was already a "block" in the HOOKS-array, but it is not after "udev" it's after "modconf", should I add a second occurrence of "block" in the hooks-array or should I delete the existing "block" and write it after udev instead?


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Re: Install on USB ("block" in mkinitcpio)

That section may be a bit out dated.  What are your current hooks?  Do not add a second instance of block, just ensure they are ordered appropriately.  Udev is provided now by systemd, so if you have a systemd hook before block you should be fine.

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