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BT headphones don't appear in pulseaudio when auto-connecting


I've set up bluetooth and pulseaudio to work with a wireless headset.

However, auto-connecting doesn't seem to work. There are two things that happen, seemingly at random:

1. The device won't even connect. I will see these lines repeating in bluetoothctl forever:

[CHG] Device CC:98:8B:35:1C:10 Connected: yes
[CHG] Device CC:98:8B:35:1C:10 Connected: no

2. The device will connect correctly, but pulseaudio fails to set it up as an output device. The following is the only log output that happens:

E: [pulseaudio] backend-native.c: connect(): Function not implemented

Neither of these problems happen if I disconnect and reconnect manually.

Any ideas?

Fear me! I have root! Sometimes...


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