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#1 2019-01-17 21:46:41

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PKGBUILD review request for qaac

It seems like now the qaac isn't in AUR, I just update the old PKGBUILD from euri and uploaded it on
I hope it's good enough to be accepted at AUR.

I need all of your reviews, thanks before.


#2 2019-01-18 11:13:07

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Re: PKGBUILD review request for qaac … guidelines

You have 3 source files :
qaac code
quicktimeinstaller from apple

Each of those may have a license that prohibits what you're trying.

Multi-init booting with apg Openrc and systemd coexisting
Automounting : not needed, i prefer pmount
Aur helpers : makepkg + my own local repo === rarely need them


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