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#1 2019-01-31 02:13:19

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System freeze/hang with swap+luks-dmcrypt

Has anyone else noticed this? Started in the last 6 months, anytime I would be using a little bit of swap the system would hang/freeze for about 1-5 mins then come back once it was done doing whatever. I am guessing it was the swap because the only time I would have the issue was when swap space was being used over 1-2gigs and also after disabling the swap on the encrypted luks and moving to a swap file on a normal ext4 drive I had no issue.

I never saw anything in any logs about this, no write or read delays like you used to see in the old IDE days... So not sure how to troubleshoot this. If anyone wants to try to figure this out and help me a little with trying to find the cause I will enable the swap again and do whatever you suggest.


#2 2019-06-09 15:46:58

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Re: System freeze/hang with swap+luks-dmcrypt

Yes, I do have the same issue. Since then, my solution is to start a upgrade then go to clean my room and turn off the music.


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