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#1 2019-02-10 09:47:39

Masin AD
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Gnome 3: Ctrl+Backspace not working

Today, I noticed Ctrl+Backspace not working anymore.

Expected behaviour is to delete all non-whitespace characters up to the previous whitespace. Ctrl+Delete is working as expected, deleting all non-whitespace characters up to the next whitespace. Or word characters and word boundary, whatever. It is just recognized as simple one character backspace.

The keycode is sent, as Firefox and Thunderbird delete characters accordingly, so my guess is that GTK is misconfigured somehow, as it seems only GTK applications are affected. Is this something I as a user can fix or is this something to be fixed in the package? Yesterday, I installed an upgrade of gtk3 from 3.24.4+15+g80b5024239-1 to 3.24.5-1, maybe that's the culprit.

Any hints are welcome. :-)


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