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#1 2006-08-25 09:58:44

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Module autobuilding on boot script

I made a little python-script to automatically build and load external kernel-modules on boot.
I know rt2500-beyond exists in [unstable], but I dont want to wait for it to be updated, and if
I reboot with a package made for an older kernel, I can't get online.

Use it as you wish, but its the first script Ive written in python, so be gentle on code comments.

(I just called it .pysrc so firefox would read it wink)


#2 2006-08-25 14:53:55

Arch Overlord
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Re: Module autobuilding on boot script

While I don't agree with auto-magic module building, some might, so I'll comment that your initscript does not follow arch standards.  It needs to support start, stop, and restart parameters.  See an existing init script for how.


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