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#1 2006-08-27 19:18:45

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spca5xx freezes

I just bought an el-cheapo Philips webcam (SPC 200NC) that's supposedly supported by the spca5xx driver. However, the using the camera with either spcaview or aMSN freezes my system, real hard. This behaviour is seems a bit random, it works sometimes (most of the time it doesn't, though).

After some googling it seems that Ubuntu users have had similiar issues, but they have been caused by different versions of GCC - I currently use a custom kernel26beyond-2.6.17.beyond3-1 and the spca5xx driver from AUR, and both have certainly been compiled with the same version of GCC. Fedora users have also been complaining about freezes with this driver, with no solutions being offered.

So would anyone have any ideas as to how rectify this situation? I don't think this is an issue with my kernel configuration, the only customisation I did was to change the processor type to K7 and drop PCIe and PCMCIA support as I have neither. I would post relevant logs if I could, but when the driver brings the system down it goes down hard, I have to do a cold reboot. Or on a related note, any suggestions for a cheap webcam with better driver support under Linux?


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