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#1 2006-08-28 01:52:40

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gimp help files

I have a problem with the gimp help files, they won't open because they want to use the mozilla browser, does anyone know where the config file is so I can change it to firefox?


#2 2006-08-28 10:13:15

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Re: gimp help files

check out the man page for the gimprc config file:

In particular:

# Help browser
#  Determines which program to use as browser for the GIMP help pages.
#  The only possible value on Win32 is "netscape" which will show
#  the help pages using your default web browser.
(help-browser netscape)

Now, I'm not actually sure if this will work because I've not tried it, but it certainly looks like the first avenue to go down.


#3 2006-08-28 16:41:34

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Re: gimp help files

I believe you can also change this in the gimp preferences dialog.


#4 2006-09-01 08:00:14

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Re: gimp help files

Yes, that's how I changed mine.  I just changed the setting in the preferences which is alot cleaner and easier.

It's under Preferences -> Help System.  There is a pull-down where you can select either "Web browser" or "GIMP help browser".  Make sure it's showing "Web browser".  Then in the field below it browse to either the binary for firefox itself, or to a symlink to it.  In my case I have the symlink /usr/bin/firefox that links to /opt/mozilla/bin/firefox.  I can't remember if I made that symlink or whether it was put there by the installation.  If you don't have the symlink, either make one, or set this field to directly to the binary.  Personally, I like to make sure there is symlinks in /usr/bin for any binaries not located there for the sake of uniformity and organization.  This also helps when I run fluxbox-generate_menu since it seems to search in that directory for entries to add to the menu.

I think that's all there was to it.


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