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#1 2019-04-11 07:57:10

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Unable to resume from suspend with nvidia drivers


I'm having trouble with resuming from suspend. It used to work on this computer, not sure when the problem started (over a month ago i think).
My GPU is a GTX980Ti and suspend works fine with nouveau drivers, but not with nvidia drivers. (i want nvidia drivers for gaming)

I tried to blacklist the nvidiafb module as suggested in the wiki, that didn't help.

The problem is still there if i reboot and try to suspend from TTY before i start xorg.

How do i troubleshoot this? Journalctl doesn't log anything at all during the "resume from suspend"-attempt.
Help would be much appreciated! Let me know if there is any logs or any more relevant info i can provide!


#2 2019-06-18 00:27:40

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Re: Unable to resume from suspend with nvidia drivers

Same issue started over the same period for me too, on a laptop. Have you found a fix?

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