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[Archuseriso] Archiso user configs for building Live iso images


Archiso user configs for building alternate live and install iso images of Arch Linux. Available archuseriso configs:

  • Console, english only

  • Cinnamon desktop

  • Deepin desktop

  • Gnome desktop

  • Kde desktop

  • Mate desktop

  • Xfce desktop

Desktop environments are available in 8 different languages : en (default), de, es, fr, it, pt, ru, tr.

User can add / remove packages from installation list, add packages built from the AUR, add support features (Nvidia, ZFS...)

Install archuseriso available on the AUR.

To build the Kde desktop iso with the default options, open a terminal:

sudo archuseriso kde

To build the Gnome destop iso:

sudo archuseriso gnome

To build the Kde desktop iso with default locales set to fr_FR.UTF8:

sudo archuseriso kde -l fr

Remove the 'work' directory when done. The iso image is generated in the 'out' directory.

The Live medium boots to rEFInd's boot manager screen, select the Arch icon labelled 'livedvd.efi' from there to display the Arch menu.

On Virtualbox the iso is detected both as a disk and a dvd by rEFInd, select either 'livedisk.efi' either 'Boot Fallback boot loader from LIVEMEDIUM' then 'livedvd.efi'.

The latest iso images are also available for download at the project's home page.

Archuseriso on Github:

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Re: [Archuseriso] Archiso user configs for building Live iso images

May someone please test the Xfce config? See


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