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Making a package for full system setup


I'm trying to make a package for a quick setup of a fresh arch system and store it in a git repo. I don't think it's such a crazy idea? The part I'm struggling it, however, is adding AUR packages as dependencies. Right now I'm adding the AUR packages I need as subrepos. As far as I understand I need to build them and add them to my local filesystem repository before being able to specify them as dependencies in my PKGBUILD. Is there a way to do all of this in a PKGBUILD, or do I need a Makefile or something to prepare the AUR packages before?

Also, am I over-complicating this?


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Re: Making a package for full system setup

If this is something that you intend to promote as an easy-install Arch, expect zero support here.

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Re: Making a package for full system setup

Host your own custom repo that contains pre-built packages for the AUR packages that you need to install.

I'd recommend aurutils for the job.

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Re: Making a package for full system setup

jasonwryan, not at all. This is purely for personal use. I used to maintain my dotfiles for OSX and Ubuntu, and there's much more potential for this kind of thing on Arch, I think. This is just a next step, which, I admit, could be not worth the effort, but it's quite fun for now.

Slithery, thanks, I'll look into that. I did not think about that before.


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