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Some kernel testing and benchmarking in Arch Linux

I've decided to try compiling my own kernel optimized for my own machine instead of using stock Arch Linux kernel. The first kernel I tried was linux-zen, which I compiled with some custom configuration and ran some Phoronix benchmarks to check the difference in performance. I'm very happy with the results. The only three tests that this kernel was considerably slower were the Apache test (which I don't care, this is a desktop kernel anyway), the context switching stress-ng test and schbench 8 threads (my CPU have 2 cores and 4 threads, I've noticed lack of responsiveness when more than 4 processes are consuming CPU).

As a custom configuration for linux-zen, I've chosen to built in most kernel modules needed for my machine (except video and wifi drivers, which need firmware loading).

I'll try to recompile linux-zen with localyesconfig, built in the needed firmware and, if sucessfull, I'll upload more results. I also learned that disabling dynticks instead of idle dynticks enhances performance, so I'll do that too.

Note that these benchmarks are obviously not scientific, they are only personal tests. … &obr_sgm=y

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