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Pulse audio issues with sound over HDMI

Long story short, arbitrarily, the sound coming through the HDMI out on my Nvidia graphics card will become out of sync. Roughly being 2 seconds or so behind. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to this, other than it will happen a few times a day. Sometimes, it will happen straight after boot, like just now, when the first thing I did after boot, as to play a video with Mplayer.

It's certainly something to do with the sink itself, as other devices, works fine, even when the Nvidia device starts lagging. As in, if I change to another output, say, my usb headset, nothing lags. The way to fix the lagging nvidia sink is to kill the pulseaudio daemon and start it back up again. That fixes it.. well, until next time it decides to begin lagging.

I'm guessing running your sound over Nvidia HDMI isn't the most unusual of use cases, so hopefully, somebody has fought this already and can save me some time? :-)

(I'm using the proprietary nvidia drivers)

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