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[Request] Driver package for DekTec dta/dtu cards

DekTec serves the professional digital television market with a complete range of PC interface adapters and standalone IP converters, supported by test and measurement applications, operational software and SDKs.

DekTec Drivers and SDKs:

"Linux SDK" – SDK for DTA, DTU and DTE products Device driver and DTAPI for PCI, PCI Express cards and USB devices. All driver sources are included.
Latest drivers/SDK package at the time of writing: … 5.0.tar.gz

I have tried to manually install the drivers following the instructions from DekTec but the make command always fails.
Once the tar.gz file is unpacked, all drivers are located in "LinuxSDK/Drivers", the card i use is DTA-2137. So I have tried to install the "Dta" drivers.
There is a project which already is in the AUR list called "tsduck-git" which works great with the DekTec cards. But its not working without the drivers. The same project for tsduck, has a dkms drivers module project here but it only supports deb and rpm packaging.

Is it possible to create a PKGBUILD and also with dkms support?


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