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Run archlinux32 in a container with shared X?


I'm so tired of all the lib32-gst-plugins* hassle in Archlinux, but I don't want to move back to 32bit arch (archlinux32) just for certain wine games. (Mostly for visual novels, as their OP/ED needs extra codecs provided by 32bit gst plugins).

So I'm wondering if it's possible to run a container with Archlinux32 rootfs, while still shares the host X and audio (64bit archlinux).

I understand the best and sane way to get rid of all the codec hassles is VM, but at least please let me try before getting a windoge VM.



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Re: Run archlinux32 in a container with shared X? … g_programs

Note that X is always "shared" as it is a client-server configuration.  It just so happens that on many home computers, the client and server run on the same machine - but they can just as well run on completely different physical machines, so certainly running one of them in a container is trivial.

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