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BIND DNS configuration help ...

Hi all,

I use BIND 9 DNS server at home for internal DNS (within my LAN).  I have a web application running on a VM, which has an IP address on my main LAN.  From within my LAN, I need to be able to access this web app using a specific URL which must resolve to the IP address of the VM on my LAN, but DNS queries for other URLs for external hosts on the same domain must be forwarded to public DNS server.  For example ...

My web app, running on the VM, must be reached via  I want my internal DNS to resolve that to the LAN address of the VM, but if a device on my LAN queries  any other host on the same domain, for example, then I want that query forwarded to external public DNS server.

So my general question is how do I configure BIND DNS server to forward a DNS request to another server if it does not have a matching record itself?  In my /etc/named.conf I already have "allow-recursion" for all address on my LAN, and I have "forwarders" set for &  But this isn't working for me.

Any help would be appreciated.


PS:  I know I could add to my hosts file but I would have to do that on all devices and I'd rather configure BIND to do DNS for all devices.

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