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Always on keyboard backlight

hi everyone, I tried to solve my problem on my own using this wiki but i couldn't. I have a CM devastator kit and can't make the backlight of the keyboard work properly.. i tried the official solution but i have the problem with upower (missing interface), I tried to solve that one with all the posts about that topic (downgrade, etc) but nothing worked. Then i just went into /sys/class/leds/input3::scrolllock/ and modified the file brightness (the actual value) to 1, and the lights got on. The problem is that i have to do this every time i boot the pc up and furthermore every time that I press one of the buttons specified in the trigger file backlights go off. The problem is that I can't modify the trigger file (or the max_brightness one), even with root permissions. So, is there a way to modify the trigger file or make the value of the actual brightness constant to 1 (so that not even the OS can change it back)? Thanks to everyone

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