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colortool - Tool for modifying colors

colortool can be used to create and modify colors for use in the shell. Its syntax is:

colortool <color> <r|g|b|h|s|v> [+|-]<n>[%]

Example commands:

Set the green channel to 10:

colortool abcdef g 10

Add 128 to the blue channel:

colortool f00 b +128

Set the red channel to 0:

colortool "#ffffff" r -100%

Increase the HSV saturation by 50% of its current value:

colortool "$color0" s +50%

Set the HSV saturation to 50%:

colortool "$color1" s 50

Add 180° to the hue:

colortool "#a0a" h +180

I use colortool to modify the colors generated by pywal. Here is a screenshot of part of my bar, where a single color has been lightened/darkened by colortool:

colortool is also available as a library for converting RGB colors to HSV and vise versa.

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