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[SOLVED] Getting updates on when certain packages are updated?

I recently had to downgrade a package and add it to be ignored in /etc/pacman.conf but I'd like to be automatically updated when a new version of the package is available. What is the best practice regarding this?

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Re: [SOLVED] Getting updates on when certain packages are updated?

Arch doesn't have automatic updates, and the Ignore directives in pacman.conf should only ever be used as a temporary measure while you diagnose and resolve a problem with a package. Updating your system is an all-or-nothing deal with Arch.

If you're waiting on a new version of a package being made available in the Arch repos, you can follow the rss feeds and/or use the checkupdates script to keep an eye out for it.

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Re: [SOLVED] Getting updates on when certain packages are updated?

Each pacman -Syu will include a line for each ignored package of the form

warning: package-name: ignoring package upgrade (installed-version => version-in-repository)

From which you can see the new version available.


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