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lib32-gconf missing from steam-native-runtime package

Garry's Mod requires the lib32-gconf package to launch, but its not included in the steam-native-runtime package. I propose that its added to the package puller. I would assume the 64bit gconf package should be added as well.


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Re: lib32-gconf missing from steam-native-runtime package

To achieve that, you'd have to file a feature request for steam-native-runtime in our bugtracker.
I doubt that would be accepted though.

gconf was deprecated when gnome 3 was launched 5+ years ago.
It's successor was dconf / gsettings .
Gsettings migration chart shows in 2015 already many things were migrated to the newer version.

Only 3 repo packages on archlinux depend on gconf, nothing depends on lib32-gconf .

Garry's Mod has it's own section in the wiki,'s_Mod .
Adding a note about lib32-gconf to that section would be a good idea I think.

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