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Audio volume very low during screen recording

Hi there,

I recorded a little video to showcase something. After my unedited upload I realized, that my recorded sondvolume is very lo. Since then I struggle to find out, why this is happenig and how to adjust the volume.
Keep in Mind: Every normal usage of my sound works pretty well (Musik, Streams, Games, even the recordings of my microphone /TS/Screenrecorder)

This happens since I switched fromm y onboard soundcard to a asus xonar dgx.  I double and tripple checkt everything in PAV/alsamixer/gnomevolumecontrol/Audacity/OBS/Simplescreenrecorder but I cannot find anything to increase volume more for the desktop sound I want to record.
Just have a look at my video:
Imagine, if I would speak in my microphone, my voice would be perfectly fine and 10 times louder than the games sound.

Is this a problem on the soundcard? It might be pretty proprietory and alsa could have problems with it. Or is there any hidden feature to amplify the sound volume from recordings?

Additionally there are no error messages and the soundcard is installed properly.

Any hints on this?

Thanks a lot.


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