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How to remove a git clone url in AUR package

*****EDIT: nevermind, apparently ssh:// only shows up when logged into my account, so I think this is something normal. I'm dumb.******

I am very new with git, and the aur in general, so sorry for the newbie questions!

Just made my first package, and I accidentally added ssh:// as a git clone url, and want to remove it.
Here is the link to my package:

So how I think I added it:
I was having some problems trying to figure out how to push my package to the aur.

I eventually figured it out by running

$ git push --set-upstream ssh:// master

to upload my package to the aur. However, before I ran this, I was following the instructions on the arch wiki … positories

with no luck, and ran this:

$ git remote add original ssh://
$ git remote -v
original        ssh:// (fetch)
original        ssh:// (push)
$ git fetch original ssh://
fatal: invalid refspec 'ssh://'

I suspect that this added ssh:// as a git clone url somehow.

I have tried removing it with a couple of different methods, but no luck.

$ git remote remove original ssh://
usage: git remote remove <name>
$ git remote remove original
$ git commit
On branch master
nothing to commit, working tree clean
$ git remote -v
$ git push ssh://
Everything up-to-date
$ ssh git remote remove original
ssh: Could not resolve hostname Name or service not known
$ ssh git remote remove original
git: invalid command: git
Try `ssh help` for a list of commands.

How do I properly remove ssh:// from the git clone url?

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