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fcitx: Input issue with bundled Qt5 libraries


I am using Davinci Resolve but I am unable to switch input methods in it. In particular, I'm trying to input Japanese characters in the app.

Pasting Japanese text from clipboard works, but trying to directly input Japanese even with fcitx's virtual keyboard, does not work.

When I checked what GUI libraries it used, I found out that it uses its own Qt5 libraries.
Output of

ldd /opt/resolve/bin/resolve | grep Qt5

: => /opt/resolve/bin/../libs/ (0x00007f9e921d1000) => /opt/resolve/bin/../libs/ (0x00007f9e91bf1000) => /opt/resolve/bin/../libs/ (0x00007f9e91677000) => /opt/resolve/bin/../libs/ (0x00007f9e91593000) => /opt/resolve/bin/../libs/ (0x00007f9e91440000) => /opt/resolve/bin/../libs/ (0x00007f9e913db000) => /opt/resolve/bin/../libs/ (0x00007f9e91294000) => /opt/resolve/bin/../libs/ (0x00007f9e9123b000) => /opt/resolve/bin/../libs/ (0x00007f9e90bbe000) => /opt/resolve/bin/../libs/ (0x00007f9e90b75000) => /opt/resolve/bin/../libs/ (0x00007f9e906e1000)

So I tried replacing them temporarily with the system's Qt5 libraries under


However, as expected, the program failed to start with some complaints about missing symbols.

$ /opt/resolve/bin/resolve 
/opt/resolve/bin/resolve: symbol lookup error: /opt/resolve/bin/../libs/ undefined symbol: _ZThn16_NK7QWidget16devicePixelRatioEv

So, I was wondering if anyone had some experience with switching input methods in apps that uses its own Qt5 libraries and help me fix this problem.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! smile


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