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Laptop screen is turned off after disconnecting from external monitor


I have the following issue with my laptop. I have external monitor connected to my laptop via HDMI and I keep the lid of the laptop closed while working in this setup. I set single display in the settings and external monitor as a primary screen. Screen of the laptop is turned off. Now, when I disconnect HDMI cable from the laptop, laptop screen is still turned off. If I want to have it turned on, I need to go to the display settings, set laptop screen as a primary screen and then disconnect the cable. If I disconnect cable, forget about this and leave home with my laptop turned on, then I need to force shut down the computer with the power button and turn it on again. When I connect the laptop back to the external monitor, I need to revert previous settings for external monitor again. Do you know, how can I make it work properly? I mean, when I disconnect the HDMI cable, I want to have the display of the laptop turned on automatically and when I connect the external monitor again, I want to switch laptop screen off, switch external monitor on and set external monitor as a primary automatically. I think, it worked properly while using USB-C connection (my monitor has such port), but I cannot use it now, because my computer has only one USB-C port and I need it for something else at this moment.

I have ThinkPad T470s laptop and I use Gnome 3.32.2. My OS is up to date.

I'll appreciate your help.


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