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Where does Geeqie get it's RAW settings from?


Sorry if this is the wrong forum.  I'm trying to write a script that will take my .NEF (Nikon raw image files), and convert them into .JPGs.  So this post could be under this forum, the Programming & Scripting forum, or the Off-Topic forum.

When I load a .NEF file into Geeqie, it loads the image perfectly.  The Exposure and White Balance are set so that it is very pleasing to my eye.  But when I load the same .NEF file with Gimp/Nufraw, it loads with nothing set.  The image colour and brightness are way off.

What and where are the settings, Geeqie uses as a defaults, for loading .NEF files?



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Re: Where does Geeqie get it's RAW settings from?

You might want to post this question to the Geeqie mailing list:


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