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#1 2019-09-09 11:08:29

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Completely wipe and reinstall XFCE

Hey everyone, I would like to perform a thorough cleanup of my XFCE desktop.

I would like to achieve 2 things in regards to the desktop environment (i.e., including all programs/software related to XFCE and configuration files for the desktop but not for usual programs, e.g., Audacity)

  1. completely remove the existing configuration

  2. uninstall XFCE programs

  3. re-install the XFCE desktop environment and get a fresh configuration setup for the desktop environment

So far my planning brought me to the following commands:

pacman -Rns $(pacman -Ssq xfce4* libxfce* xfwm*)
pacman -Rnsc $(pacman -Qdtq)
rm -r ~/.config/{gtk-2.0, gtk-3.0, xfce4, xfce4-session}
pacman -S xfce4 xfce4-goodies

Does anyone have any tips and/or advice if this can be improved? smile


#2 2019-09-09 11:27:19

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Re: Completely wipe and reinstall XFCE

audacity depends on wxgtk3 which depends on gtk3 .
Removing gtk2 & gtk3 config folders may affect audacity and other programs.

Disliking systemd intensely, but not satisfied with alternatives so focusing on taming systemd.

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#3 2019-09-09 12:19:12

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Re: Completely wipe and reinstall XFCE

There is no reason to uninstall and reinstall anything.  Just remove the relevant configs from your home directory and you'll be in the same state as you would be with your plan.

Second, even if you want to remov eeverything, the second line in your plan is double a no-op.  First, the 'c' flag removes anything that depends on the provided package list, but the provided list is generated by a pacman command with the -t flag which only includes packages that nothing depends on.  More importantly, though, the pacman command in the first line inlcudes the -s flag which will remove all unneeded dependencies, so it will not leave anything for the second line to clean up.

When planning commands, think through what they actually do; don't just throw on extra "try-harder" flags for the fun of it.

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