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Systemd-nspawn: a few questions

I have been using a vm for a while for some game servers and other junk and for the past two days I have been experimenting with the nspawn feature of systemd.

And if it's not too much trouble I would like to ask a few questions because I'm having difficulties understanding the man pages.

1. I'm thinking of using the container as a game server. Is the performance any better than a vm?
2. I use a ramdisk on my vm. How do I configure the container to have a ramdisk with access rights for ordinary users in the container
3. I have two nics on my motherboard. Can I use a bridge without assigning an ip on the host's second nic and use that nic only for containers with specific static ip addresses configured in the container so the host and container have their own dedicated 1Gbit line?
4. What is better, using a custom service file to start and stop the container or a nspawn file.
Also can anyone give me any examples of the nspawn file?
5. Can I assign specific cpu cores to the container (the ones isolated from the host with the isolcpu kernel parameter) and limit the ammount of ram the container can use?
6. If I limit the ram and have a ramdisk mounted, does the ramdisk count as the container's ram?

Thanks in advance!


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