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Bluetooth headphones spontaneously stop playing audio after a while

I have a problem when using my Bluetooth headphones with Arch that appears to be related to this issue, though the behavior is a little different in my case:

Specifically, when I power on the headphones and connect, they do not immediately disconnect. They will work normally, for a time. However, after a while of playing audio, the audio will start to stutter and lag, then finally stop playing altogether. The headphones do not register as disconnected. If I disconnect and reconnect the headphones through the KDE UI, the headphones work again, and the cycle starts over. Obviously, this has gotten quite annoying.

This is a new issue that cropped up sometime in early July. If I downgrade my system to July 4, 2019, the problem goes away.

Just FYI, I am also experiencing another issue discussed on the Ubuntu forums when connecting the headphones for the first time, but it existed before the July upgrade and is apparently a separate problem: … -on-ubuntu


Headphones: Sony WH-1000XM2
Desktop environment: KDE


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