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Who make decision what package is in main repo?

I have a question and didn't found answer anywhere: who decide what package are/should/will be in main repository (arch repository not AUR) and what package shouldn't be in main repo?

If someone want add package to main repo how the process of adding it looks like?


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Re: Who make decision what package is in main repo? … maintainer

Afaik there's not really a formal process to it, one of the persons having the respective rights (as in either a TU or a developer) decide that they want to maintain a package they can add it to the repo. This might be facilitated by a popularity vote in the AUR and/or contacting a TU - however whether it actually ends up there is up to the TU's discretion.

FWIW one of the TUs started a reddit thread, which already lead to the inclusion of at least qjournalctl: … st_thread/

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