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[suggestion] permissions for systemd-networkd config files

Hi folks,

it just occured to me on my Raspberry Pi, when i want to set a new network config file (e.g. via Ansible, it doesn' t work if it isn't readable by non-root users - i guess like systemd-networkd. That is extremely annoying, especiallly if it is done on a headless device, where without network you don't have any contact to it anymore. By deploying a network config file having permissions like 644 it worked. Sadly this is not expressed anywhere in the ArchLinux Wiki.



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Re: [suggestion] permissions for systemd-networkd config files

1) You're not running Arch Linux, but Arch Linux ARM. Though this behaviour is also present on Arch Linux.
2) You did not suggest anything. You just described a fact.

If you feel the need to caution users to correctly set permissions and ownership of the respective config files, feel free to update the respective Wiki article accordingly.

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