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Multiple headless hardware accelerated X sessions


I want to have this setup where I can dynamically spawn X sessions under arbitrary users. I don't intend to have any physical keyboard, mouse or screen attached to these X servers. I can then VNC into them from my main X session under the default seat0 which is the one that is actually connected to all the input devices and monitors. But the catch is I also want to have hardware acceleration on each of these sessions using my Intel processor's integrated graphics which I don't use anyway (I have a dedicated graphics card).

If this is achievable, what is the best way to do so and where do I start? I have looked into things like Xephyr and Xnest,  and it seems they do not support hardware acceleration.

Thanks smile

EDIT: After further extensive research, looks either there is a lack of hardware acceleration (Xephyr), or each instance needs a dedicated graphics card (Xorg multiseat). So this seems hard without virtualization. I would rather not virtualize all the way using KVM for instance if there's another way. I'll leave this thread open if someone knows of a way to accomplish this, and meanwhile I'll start another one with another idea I had

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