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[solved] pkgbuild cmake install cannot copy file

Ive ported my application from qmake to cmake. It works when I build and install locally.
But it does not work when I have updated it on the AUR...
It seems like the cmake install is not gaining root permissions?

My project repo:

Install the project...
-- Install configuration: ""
-- Installing: /usr/bin/audiobook
CMake Error at cmake_install.cmake:47 (file):
  file INSTALL cannot copy file
  to "/usr/bin/audiobook".

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Re: [solved] pkgbuild cmake install cannot copy file

PKGBUILDs never have root rights, the real question is why cmake wants to write to /usr/bin at all .

Are you building with yay or makepkg ?
If yay, does makepkg report the same errror ?

please post outputs from a makepkg build with --log added .

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Re: [solved] pkgbuild cmake install cannot copy file

The problem is in your CMakeLists.txt where you explicitly specify to install two files to the root filesystem rather than a relative path:

# Do platform specific post target stuff
    install(FILES res/io.bitshift.audiobook.desktop DESTINATION /usr/share/applications ) # /usr/share?
    install(FILES res/io.bitshift.audiobook.svg DESTINATION /usr/share/pixmaps ) # /usr/share?
Cmake docs wrote:


Specify the directory on disk to which a file will be installed. If a full path (with a leading slash or drive letter) is given it is used directly. If a relative path is given it is interpreted relative to the value of the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX variable. The prefix can be relocated at install time using the DESTDIR mechanism explained in the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX variable documentation.

EDIT: though this is also not the cause of this error, it would cause subsequent problems.  This error, I believe, is due to not passing DESTDIR to the make install command in the PKGBUILD.  You use INSTALL_ROOT, but I can't find this in the cmake docs (though I don't know much about cmake).

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Re: [solved] pkgbuild cmake install cannot copy file

Okay thanks for the help!

I was thinking I needed to copy my files into these folders myself (hence needing root), however I realised that the package manager actually does that automatically!

Ive managed to get it working by specifying the DESTDIR="$pkgdir" and cleaning up the cmake file to relative paths.


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