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#1 2019-10-31 19:27:18

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System boot freeze on "Activating swap"

Today I'm trying to install arch on a Dell T3500 workstation that has last seen arch over 2 years ago.
Unfortunately, despite everything going smoothly during installation, the system won't boot past "Activating swap SWAP PARTITION" (quiet disabled) despite swap partition being disabled.

I've tried disabling ucode update, disabling fsck, but none seem to work.

Edit 1:
Boot also freezes on "Started Create Volatile Files and Directories" and "Starting Update UTMP about System Boot/Shutdown"
Downgrade to Kernel 4.20.13 doesn't help.

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#2 2019-11-01 10:39:18

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Re: System boot freeze on "Activating swap"

How is swap disabled? What does your /etc/fstab look like? It looks to be trying to activate swap on partition 2 of your drive.

You said "boot also freezes".. does it get past the first error and move on to a new one, or are these just places where your boot stalls for a few moments? Does it still hang indefinitely on activating swap or did it move past that?


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Re: System boot freeze on "Activating swap"


When installing did you try to


and no error came up?

Also would be good as said previously to show us /etc/fstab and also whats the output of

fdisk -l

Or do you want to completely to bypass and dont use at all swap?

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