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Pulseaudio HDMI sinks change names

Hey guys,

Little disclaimer, I asked this question on SO already but didn't get answers so far: … ange-names

To quickly summarize this: I have my TV connected via HDMI through my docking station on my laptop. For reasons I can't figure out the connection naming changes for pulseaudio but stays consistent for xrandr, e.g. my TV is always DP2-1 in xrandr but from time to time (I could not point out specific triggers yet, sometimes after reboots, sometimes after docking/undocking, although that's not really confirmed) the sound profile in pulseaudio changes from "HDMI 2" to "HDMI 4" or the other way around. I know that is not enough info to address the problem, I would welcome to get some hints and ideas of things I can test/diagnose to get to the bottom of this. It doesn't break the system, sure, but it's a inconvenience that I would like to understand smile

Help is very much appreciated!


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