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[Solved] Gnome 3.34 freeze, can move mouse and switch tty

So gnome shell completely freezes (all UI elements freeze in place including all applications) and i can't do anything except move the mouse and change TTY, if I switch tty and switch back to gnome then all i can see is a black screen with a mouse cursor.

It started happening 2-3 days ago

My system specifications are i7-8700k (using microcode updates), MSI z390 motherboard, and Nvidia RTX 2080 (on latest Nvidia Drivers), with 32GB ram

Journalctl output: … 6f832a3157

the crash starts at 20:24 and in the same minute i swithc to tty3 and run journalctl to check what's wrong and at 20:26 I initiate poweroff

even the poweroff command says this weird thing that there are system inhibitors in place for user, use systemctl poweroff -i

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Re: [Solved] Gnome 3.34 freeze, can move mouse and switch tty


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