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Suspend/hibernate issues on Acer Spin 13 (Chromebook) (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Things have changed since I created this post, the old post is appended below.


  • linux/linux-zen behave exactly the same as linux-lts after I fixed other issues on linux/linux-zen

  • suspend causes shutdown/fanspin, hibernation immediately resumes after a short screen flicker (didn't notice at first)

  • dmesg contains no log of anything happening inbetween hibernation and resume


Hey people!
This is my first post here so plz forgive me if I'm doing something wrong, just let me know and I'll correct it.

When I suspend/hibernate, one of 3 things happens:
  • linux/linux-lts + AC: Sleep works, fan spins at 100% until I resume

  • linux/linux-lts + battery: Sleep shuts down the pc immediately

  • linux-zen: Sleep / hibernate doesn't start (immediately resumed, no screen flicker) and shutdown doesn't work

Kernel versions:
  • linux: 5.3.8

  • linux-lts: 4.19.1

  • linux-zen: 5.3.8

  • It doesn't matter if I close the lid or use 'systemctl suspend -i', the result is the same

  • People said that the shutdown issue is caused by Google not fixing some TPM thing in their firmware (no idea what this means or how this could cause this)

  • These issues are also present in GalliumOS which was made for chromebooks

  • linux-zen issues seem to come from waiting for a bunch of systemd-udevd processes to sleep/stop

What I've tried:
  • Multiple official kernels (linux, linux-lts, linux-lts-44, linux-lts-414

  • Multiple other kernels (linux-zen, the kernel I extracted from my ChromeOS installation, the Chromium OS kernel (4.4) and the Chromium OS kernel (4.19)

  • A custom kernel with these patches applied: tpm: Add driver for cr50

How the kernel tests turned out:
  • linux/linux-lts/linux-zen: see above

  • linux-lits-44/extracted kernel/Chromium OS kernels: Doesn't boot

  • Patched kernel: Same as linux


I don't quite know what other logs / outputs to include, if you need any, just tell me.

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